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have extremely minor health consequences in the u.s. >> whatever comes here, it will be small amount of radio active particles. >> in japan, radiation contamination is a serious possibility. an e-mail from a plant worker reads, my father is still working at the plant. they are running out of food. we think conditions are tough. he says he has much accepted his fate much hike a death sentence. dan? >> bravery is hard to even fathom. alan wang reporting. >>> as concern grows over the chance of radiation drifting toward the west coast, the u.s. environmental protection agency says it is moving fort mobile radiation detectors around the pacific rim. there are already 12 air monitors including one each in san francisco, san jose, richmond and sacramento. now you can see the data from those monitors for yourself on the website. the site will require you to register. we have a link to it on our website at just click on see it on tv. >>> again the u.s. government is chartering planes to get americans out of harm's way. they are advising all u.s. citizens to defer all nonessenti
technical help from the u.s. and the head of the international atomic energy agency just arrived. latest picture rae veal how far gone the reactor really are. explosion and blazing heat have reduced the unit to rav sanjay gupta skeleton. emergency worker continue desperate effort to drown the over heated core with sea water from the air and from the ground using water cannon made to subdue rioters. flight operators put in a new power line to restore electricity and get water pump working again. if that fails the pentagon has shipped in american pumps. workers have to operate them continuing to defy death. in reactor 4 the water in the fuel rod pool is critically low if any left. without water the rod ignite and send smoke into the atmosphere. reactor 3 a 5 foot thick container likely cracked. if the core melts down it could seep out and release radioactive plume. japanese government ordered everyone within 12 miles of the plant to evacuate. told people up to 19 miles away to close their windows and stay inside. u.s. is more cautious telling americans within 50 miles to leave. t
level of u.s. involvement in libya. >> also, how -- how the deadly superbug and the drugs that can't fight. >> and the billionaire doing his civic duty. >> and then late other "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" the latest on nuclear nightmare in japan. the possible crack in the reactor there, and the south park guys bring dancing mormons to broadway. and a look at axe. a company that convinced men that sex appeal comes in a can. [ female announcer ] the jcpenney big one day sale is saturday! don't miss amazing 4-hour steals. like worthington separates -- 50% off. and stylish dress shirts or ties, just $19.99. find okie dokie for every cutie -- $4.99! and bright sheets, only $19.99. plus, with jcp cash, earn $10 off unlike other stores we don't make you come back to save! we make spring bright -- you make it bloom. go to to see everything on sale. we make it affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> president obama will address the nation about libya on monday. the president is expected to talk abo
obama leads the u.s. into a third war in muslim country but who are we fighting for? we'll travel to lybian rebel stronghold to try to answer. that plus in the food and water and how dangerous is the radiation out of japan to northern california ans. take a look >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the last time jerry brown was governor you tube was not around to help him make his case but tonight he harnesses the power of internet to convince the public he has a way to solve the budget mess. that's because lillian kim reports he's not been able to convince republicans in sacramento. [applause]. >> governor jerry brown is going on the offensive. tonight he spoke before labor union to drum up support for his budget plan. >> we the people are taking california back. l let tonight be the beginning. >>reporter: earlier the governor made a direct appeal to the public. he posted a 3 minute video on you tube. urging viewers to support a june special election calling for tax extension. >> let me know let your legislator know wou
. more than 100 tomahawk missiles launched from u.s.a. ship war fired off the coast of libya just after 2:00 eastern time. the target? more than 20 surface to air missile sites around tipry. >> they're a direct threat to the people of libya. >> alan: president obama addressed what has been dubbed operation odessey dawn. >> we must be clear, action have consequences. >> alan: before the tomahawks were launched. the rebels were successful in shooting down one of gadhafi's planes. he launched assaults on the rebels earlier in the day. >> one of them five years old and one of them four months old. >> alan: in reaction to the allied operation, gadhafi delivered this message on state-controlled television. >> this is a colonist and crusading aggression. >> alan: he made a threat. any allied act against qulaib and he would consider all air and maritime traffic in the met tier -- mediterranean sea as targets. >> gadhafi has lost his mind, clearly. you can see that from the images coming out of tripoli. and in fact i heard today that the family is considering replacing him with another strong man
on tape saying he will be better off without federal under ifing. >>> britain, france and u.s. lawmakers favor imposing a no-fly zone, but so far nato appears worried of doing so. libyan rebels want to see the u.s. and the western allies stop the military jets from attacking them. but one official said enforcing a no-fly zone would be, quote, a difficult, costly and large operation. a television crew described what happened when qaddafi loyalists captured them and staged a mock execution. >> handcuffed us and pushed me outside. i hear those gun noises. they were getting ready. >> the journalists left libya after being held for 21 hours. the network says it will still cover the conflict in libya despite this attack. >>> lawyers for the house of representatives will defend the ban on gay marriage now that the administration will not. the house panel voted to direct the house council to come up with a legal defense plan for the 1996 role. they told the justice department to stop defending the law because the white house believes it is unconstitutional. the house speaker says the law's cons
libya tonight. he said the u.s. had to get involved to prevent a certain massacre. the president address came as rebel forces in libya inch closer to gadhafi hometown and reclaimed 2 critical oil citie cities. >> wherever people long to be free they will find a friend in the united states. >>reporter: failing to intervene in libya president obama says would have left the world watching in epic humanitarian disaster unfold. >> lybian people have been ruled bay tyrant. gadhafi. pl he has denied his people freedom. exploited their wealth. murdered opponent at home and abroad. terrorize innocent people around the world. >>reporter: kind of humanitarian disaster that went on for a year in bosnia before the world responded. >> tonight i can report that we have stopped gadhafi deadly advance. >>reporter: hours earlier rebel recapture crucial territory from gadhafi troops with coalition planes clearing the way. president says he fulfilled his promises no ground troops and quick transfer of power to international partners. nato takes over on wednesday. >> for those who doubted o
, philippines and in the indonesian. it covers hawaii and the u.s. territory of guam. >> now large ship has rammed directly into a break water. quake rocked the tv newsroom in northern japan. look what happened here. everything swa swayed and falls. >> shaking forced officials to shut down japan famed bullet train system and tokyo subway to be checked for damages. this hit in the middle of the afternoon and already friday in japan. >> fire broke out throughout tokyo. 240 miles from the quake epi-center. people streamed out of high-rise to seek safety in the street. >> both major airport in tokyo closed their runway and several nuclear power plants have been shut down as well. >> the quake realitiesed japan parliament as legislators met in toke yochlt several after shock followed the quake including one measuring 7. 4. that was an after shock. 30 minutes after the quake tall buildings were still swaying in tokyo. >> joining us live is dr. robert hammer with uc berkeley size meteorology department. this is just a massive earthquakement can you describe for us the power that an 8.8 quak
the constitution. >>> u.s. investigators say they do not believe the shooter who killed two u.s. airmen at frankfurt airport in germany was part of any sort of terrorist organization. police say he walked up to the bus, pulled out a semiautomatic weapon and started shouting "god is great" in arabic. the victimswere airmen being deployed to afghanistan. >> i am saddened and outraged by this attack. i want everyone to know we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. >> in addition to the two airmen killed, others were injured. some of the surviving airmen grabbed the shooter when his gun jammed. a german police officer arrested them. he is identified as 21-year-old yukka. he is a devout muslim who worked at the airport. >>> opposition forces in libya are calling on foreign governments to launch air strikes against militias loyal to moammar qaddafi. they launched an attack on rebels who control an oil facility in eastern libya. qaddafi's fighters briefly took control before the rebels wries el ised it back. they formed an interim government before calling for th
rocked tripolli. take a look. this night vision shows a u.s. jet launching on a mission. earlier an f-15 crashed inside libya after an apparent mechanical failure. the crew men ejected and were later rescued. >>> muammar qaddafi made his first appearance since sunday. he told the crowd of supporters that libyans are making fun of the rocket attacks. >>> and meanwhile, president obama is cutting his trip to latin america short by a couple hours to conference with his national security team tomorrow morning. the president said today america's role in the operation will end in a matter of days. secretary of state hillary clinton says people close to qaddafi are exploring options. >> we heard of other people close to him reaching out to people that they know around the world, africa, the middle east, europe, north america and beyond and saying what do we do? how do we get out of this? what happens next? >> clinton cited unconfirmed reports that one of qaddafi's sons may have been killed. >>> there has been another strong aftershock in northeastern japan. a 6.0 earthquake hit fukushima late t
are taking these tiny iodine tablets to block the affects of radiation. here in the u.s. there has been a run on over-the-counter potassium eye -- iodine, but they say it is unwarranted. here is lisa amin gulezian. >>> hopefully we will have that within a week, but it is not sure yet. >> at this nutrition store in san jose -- >> everybody wants to get the potassium iodide. people are coming in every 15 minutes asking for the same thing. >> there is a sudden and urgent run on the potassium iodide pills, liquid and even alternatives such as kill of -- kelp. >> this is another seasoning with kelp in it that is also totally gone. >> the reason for the high demand is 5,000 miles away in japan where a nuclear plant is leaking radiation. iodine is a radio active element that can be absorbed by the thyroid. taking potassium iodide can block it. they are distributing the pills to citizens and all walgreens are shipping their full supply of pills to japan as well. >> how challenging is it to find these pills? >> it is difficult. pretty much all of the stores don't have it. >> they are available on e b
to >>> u.s. crews are now arriving in japan to assist in the disaster plan. the search and rescue teams have been dispatched. one of the teams from los angeles will bring about a dozen rescue dogs. as we mentioned, the uss ronald regan and two other ships are parked off the coast of japan. helicopters are using the deck of the carrier as a staging area to deliver supplies to the camps. >>> in a travel alert, they warned americans not to make unnecessary trips to japan. at san francisco international airport we caught up with several people catching a flat -- a flight into osaka, not affected by the earthquake. many are trying to get home to family. >> i have been looking on-line to friends. that's reassuring. when you live in japan, you get used to the earthquake, but nothing of this magnitude. >> it is the biggest experience and i am expecting a lot of aftershocks. >> delta airlines has resumed a full flight schedule to and from japan. >>> a total of three boats have been pulled out of the harbor. a third was hoisted and 15 others are still at the bought -- bought m to of the small cra
. the secretary of defense, robert gates, says within a matter of days, the u.s. will turnover primary responsibility for the operation. >> we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition and will have a role in the coalition, but not the pre-eminent role. >> they say qaddafi himself was not the target and say the international coalition is growing. abc news, washington. >>> in japan, officials are reporting progress tonight in the effort to gain control over a struggling nuclear power plant. two units at the fukushima plant have been cooled down, but pressure in a third unit's reactor unexpectedly surged today. radiation is leaking from the plant. the japanese government is advising people not to drink the tap water. meanwhile, crews found an 80-year-old woman and her teenage grandson nine days after they were buried under the rubble of their home. they were able to survive on food from their refrigerator. the death toll in japan has climbed to 8500 and officials estimate it will exceed 18,000. >>> a giant cell phone deal is in the works. how it could c
. even the u.s. ronald reagan was forced to turn back testing showed several sailors received a month worth of radiation in an hour. after passing through a radiated cloud. the constant anxiety over the ongoing nuclear crisis is hampering effort to rescue survivors and deliver supplies. increasingly the efforts are unsuccessful. >> our team has found anyone providing. >>reporter: those who did survive are sifting through the rubble of what is left of their homes looking for anything to salvage. this woman says my friends died. so many people i know died. sentiment shared by thousands. since that third explosion there has been renewed push to take preventive measure in relation to radiation exposure with iodine tablet and radiation barn that darkened as the level of exposure begin to rise. >> now many people here are concerned public health officials in california say however there is little risk that radioactive material could reach california unless the disaster gets worse. particle are capable certainly of traveling across the pacific from asian a.sandy is here with more on
allow u.s. forces to act quickly if the situation in libya key tier 88th. 2 more ships carrying more than 1,000 marines have moved into the mediterranean sea closer to libya. today was the president's first public statement on libya since violence erupted between rebel and those loyal total gadhafi. the president also directed humanitarian assist tan to the lybian border and approved the use of military aircraft to help egyptians return home. >>> the unrest in libya is having a direct impact on fuel prices here at home. over the past week gas license has jumped about 20 cent a gallon and in the bay area it's not uncommon to see gas above 4 dollars a gallon. cecelia reports. it will be 5 dollars. >>reporter: just about every day you see the praise at the pump go up and up, you are fought seeing things. it is not your eyes. item a fact. triple a says the average price for gallon today in california is 3.81. yesterday it was 3.78. and just last week, 3.6 3.60. >> certainly we have been seeing 3 cents here 3 cent there and over all if you were to look at the past week we are t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15